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6+ Acres with Pool and Waterfront by Saint Michaels, MD

Striving to be and deliver the best?  The best team?  The best business?   Make it easier.  Move away from the trapped corridors of your place of daily routine, be that an office or surrounded by like-mindsets.  Break away from group-think.

Organizations try many ways to escape from this trap, including confinement in conference rooms for untold hours with unlimited high caloric foods, higher salaries, bonuses, hotel conference rooms, and other solutions driven by need and expediency.  Unfortunately, these solutions create a host of problems of their own.

Repetition creates loss of creativity and productive capacity.  Worse is secondary damage which stretch assignments and deadline driven working groups create on the normal job productivity of team staff - work they are expected to keep doing.  Exhaustion and de-motivation are common negative side-effects.

We are delighted to announce that we are offering the SINGLE best solution to creating optimal solutions, energizing teams, and breaking the tunnel mindset that most groups encounter.  The SINGLE best way to create breakthroughs in teams and groups is a change in venue.  Not any boxed hotel room/conference room where it’s all grind and no fun, but a genuine change in environment.  Simple, peaceful, private and with space to reflect, learn, strategize and plan.  This is Watermark.  This is what we do best, in comfort, style and surprising affordability.

When our guests come to Watermark, they cannot but help feel invigorated and open their eyes.  Words that come from our guest are:

"This is a beautiful house that has facilitated some great moments and great memories for our company retreat.  The calm and tranquility here is wonderful.  Thanks so much!";

“The inside of the house is beautiful. the kitchen is open with one side of nothing but glass doors to look out the back of the house to the pool and the ocean”;

it was incredible, top of the line and more than we could have expected. The rooms were fantastic and the amount of space is truly amazing”;

“the grounds were similarly absolutely amazing with the privacy, access to the water and the sunsets were beautiful from day 1!”;

The property was very clean, well kept, and the management was a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend this property and look forward to returning!”

Watermark will open creative sinuses, rejuvenate, and will create the energy that motivate senior management or small teams to go the extra mile.  Hard work is tiring, but the eyes are soothed and the mind relaxed when surrounded by nature, water and clean spacious surroundings.

Watermark is a large, 6500 square foot open plan waterfront property with a mission to deliver uncommon value and unexpected delight to produce results.  We take care of your environment so that you can focus on your task at hand.  Our beautiful and private spaces provide the opportunity to think big.

We have been thrilling guests for almost two years with a dedicated and very experienced local management and support team.  Their goal is to keep you  focused on your purpose by taking care of your needs through local support whether it is full dining, activities for breaks, local services and attractions.

Now you can do something powerful to keep your team productive and happy!  Pulling staff away from their homes and families is far less tiring and painful when they are rewarded with a little peace, nature, tranquility and comfort.

Please contact us to reserve your time.  We will do wonders for you.  Bring out your best!

Please note that we only host groups who number 12 and under on the property at all times.  

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